Our production cycle starts during the month of February. We use seedling starter trays and organic potting soil to create our cuttings. The root system of our plants develops itself under a greenhouse until they are planted in the fields. All of our seeds come from organic agriculture.

During the month of may, the plants are sown thanks to a planting machine so as to create well-defined rows and regular space between plants which facilitates the maintenance and the harvest. When the plants obtain their optimal maturity stage, we proceed by mowing, from june to october, thanks to an electric harvester or a self-loading mowing machine. The leaves or flowers freshly harvested are directly brought to our transformation workshop.

Then, we dispose the flowers on piled trays in an oven. In the second hot-aired tunnel oven, the leaves are dried in a bigger quantity. The variety of aromatic plants have different drying times. We make sure to preserve their virtue, their colour and their aspect. We feel it is of the highest importance to offer you quality products, in line with the respect of the environment, nature and what it has to offer us.

Before we proceed to the potting, our medicinal plants are selected so as to obtain a premium quality product. The plants are crushed to optimize your infusion. We fill, label, condition the pots by hand, and proceed to sending them immediately.

From sowing to planting by going through weeding, harvesting flowers, to filtering and packaging, all the stages are manual and artisanal. The machines only ensure the cadence and lightens some steps. All the plots are certified organic by Ecocert with the label AB, audited every year. Our plots have been evaluated and analysed so as to bring what is needed to allow the good development of our aromatic plants, to ensure their sustainability and their well-being all through their cycle.