Notre histoire

It is in the heart of the Poitou that belongs the small village of Loubressac steeped in history : prehistoric caves, dolmen, traces of a gallo-romane villa, a dovecote and a chapel dedicated to Saint Sylvain in the 13th century. According to the legend, the village was first called Louvressac, following the discovery of the body of Saint Sylvain in a bag, thrown by the Limousins into the Vienne, and ended up on the banks of the village, where the chapel* was built.

It is here, as far as History allows us to go back, that the family Maupin cultivates, works and enriches its land under the terms of the ploughman of the priory, cultivator, or farmer. Through this perspective, Gilles Maupin interested himself to agriculture and to sustain his family land.

He decides therefore to go towards a natural and ecological agriculture dedicated to biodiversity and to the well-being of plants and humans by creating Ferme Saint-Sylvain, organic medicinal plants.

The Ferme Saint-Sylvain is a small family farm of 17 Hectares. Devoted to the well-being of its clients, the farm cultivates more than 40 varieties of organic medicinal plants with various benefits, in the upmost respect of nature and biodiversity. As well as a family support, the farm employs a dynamic team and many seasonal workers. It has been able to equip itself with machines advanced technologically and respectful of the environment. (ex. : Electrical harvester)

*Actually comes from the latin Lupercus which is one of the names of the pagan gods Pan. During the Antic Times, this god will be fusionned with Silvanus, divinity of the fields and the woods. Then at the start of Christianity, the cult of Saint-Sylvain, the christian Silvanus, will substitute the cult of Pagan Silvanus.

The Poitou, the heart of our commitment

Our efforts bear fruits (or plants!)... that are Organic and French !

Production of organic medicinal plants, 100% french in our infusion collection ready to infuse, it is a first for the make and an important step forward for Saint-Sylvain's Farm ! By encouraging quality, naturalness, and taste, we hope to make you discover flavours that have maybe been forgotten.